Adjacent Construction Program

The Metro Office of Joint Development and Adjacent Construction (JDAC) reviews those projects adjacent to WMATA Metrorail and Metrobus property, facilities and operations to ensure that:

  • Metro facilities and operations are not damaged or affected by the proposed project;
  • Metro operations (including Metrobus) are not affected during and after the project construction; and
  • Metro station capacity is not affected by the ridership generated by the project.

Please send all general inquiries/project introductions/impact analysis to the  e-mail address.

  • For general inquiries and project introductions, Metro will respond within three (3) business days.
  • For impact analysis, allow a minimum of ten (10) business days for review and submit the following items:
    A short narrative about the proposed project including any unusual conditions.
    A site plan showing the proposed project with WMATA's facilities and/or any nearby cross streets

Note: For all established projects, please contact your WMATA JDAC assigned point of contact directly.

On May 8, 2019 - JDAC hosted a workshop on Joint Development and Construction Projects to which we invited jurisdictions, government agencies, utilities, owner/developers and contractors. The workshop presentationPDF icon serves as an introduction to the Adjacent Construction Program.

In September 2015, JDAC published the latest revision (Revision 5a) to the Adjacent Construction Project Manual(ACPM) PDF icon.

The Adjacent Construction Project Manual outlines the requirements for all projects adjacent to and/or impacting WMATA's Facilities.

In order to assure safe and secure access to Metrorail facilities, Metro has established procedures, listed below and identified in the Adjacent Construction Project Manual and Project Flow Chart. For Badging Information, please contact the assigned JDAC Engineer/JDAC Project Manager.