Proposed Changes at 国会山庄 Station

Proposed Changes at 国会山庄 Station


我们希望得到你的反馈. Metro is proposing changes to 国会山庄 Station's transit facilities to enable future joint development and grow ridership. The proposed changes include relocation of the 公共汽车 loop and Kiss & Ride facilities, reduction of the Kiss & Ride capacity to eight (8) spaces, and elimination of the 372-space Park & 骑很多.

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T在这里 are two ways you can provide feedback:


Provide your feedback online

Submit your comments and/or upload documents by 9 a.m. 星期一,2023年11月20日.

Participate in the Open House and 公开听证会.

On 2023年11月8日,星期三, Metro will host an Open House at 6:30 p.m. followed by a 公开听证会 at 7:00 p.m. The 公开听证会 will offer both in-person and virtual participation options.
  • 现场:
    国会山庄 Elementary School
    • Advance registration to provide in-person testimony is available, though not required.  To register in advance, please email or call (202) 962-2511 五点以前.m. 在听证会前一天.
    • Shuttle bwin娱乐手机版下载 will be provided between 国会山庄 Metro Station and the school for customers that need assistance. The school is located 10-minute walk from the 国会山庄 Station.
    • 公共汽车 路线发掘 also stops in front of the school and serves the Addison Road Metro Station.
  • 通过电话:
    No advance registration to provide testimony via phone is available. Call 206-899-2028 during the hearing and enter meeting code 231 232 090#.
  • 通过视频:
    Advance registration is required. 报名请电邮至 五点以前.m. the day before the public hearing.

Watch or listen to the public hearing live at or by calling 206-899-2028 and entering meeting code 231 232 090#. The public hearing will be archived at

Public participation is solicited without regard to race, color, 国家的起源, 年龄, 性别, 宗教, 残疾, 或者家庭状况. ASL interpretation will be provided. To request other accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, or other langu年龄 interpretation services (free of charge), contact the Office of the Board Secretary at 202-962-2511 (TTY: 202-962-2033) or send a mess年龄 to as soon as possible, so Metro can make the necessary arrangements before the public hearing date.

国会山庄 Current Plan English v4
国会山庄 Proposed Plan English v4

At 国会山庄 Station, Metro is proposing to relocate the 公共汽车 loop and Kiss & Ride facilities, reduction of the Kiss & Ride to eight (8) spaces, and elimination of the 372-space Park & 骑很多.

The proposed changes would enable Metro and a future joint development partner the opportunity to provide up to 570,000 square feet of mixed-use development, which could include housing and 零售.

Proposed modifications to 国会山庄's transit facilities also serve to advance Metro's Strategic Transformation Plan 目标, including increasing ridership and generating fares and tax revenues that support Metro and 当地的 jurisdictions, 同时促进可持续发展, 当地的, 区域增长. The modifications will also provide safer access to the station for 公共汽车 operations, 行人, 和骑自行车.

Additionally, the proposed modifications support 乔治王子郡 Blue 行 Corridor Initiative (2021) to reconfigure the station layout and allow for a mix of residential, 零售, and cultural development at the station.

Read more about our analysis of the impact of transforming 国会山庄 Station in our 环境评价 影响分析.



Metro's Compact public hearing process only addresses changes to the station's transit facility and does not address aspects of the development.

All public comments will be provided to Metro's 董事会 for final review and inclusion into Metro's Mass Transit Plan.

If and when a joint developer is selected, the public can comment during the development review process. The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, 乔治王子郡, and the State of Maryland are responsible for evaluating and approving any impacts from the proposed development on public facilities, 交通, 雨水, or other environmental aspects.

Read more about Metro's joint development program, 在这里.